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Magical Repair 1.0

Free tool to clean junk files, repair registry entries, and defrag your HDDs
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Magical Repair is a free tiny tool that works restlessly and autonomously in the background cleaning your system’s junk files, repairing any invalid registry entries, and defragmenting your hard disc drives. The program requires very little or no attention from you, and will provide you with very little or no feedback in return.

The program performs just the three tasks mentioned above. However, all three are of the greatest importance to keep your system running smoothly and at its top speed. If set up to do so, this utility may keep an eye constantly on these three areas, fixing any problem or deleting any files that may either slow your system down or take up free space unnecessarily. Another possibility is to launch the program only when you think your system needs it. In this case, the program will perform all three tasks one after the other (regrettably, you are not given the possibility of launching only one or two of them). It all happens in a small interface that shows three progress bars, one for each task.

So the good news is that once the program has been enabled, you can virtually forget about it. It will constantly check your computer’s processor usage and will pause and start itself accordingly. And the bad news is that Magical Repair will never share with you the number of registry entries that needed fixing, the level of defragmentation of your hard discs, or how much free space you have recovered by getting rid of your temporary files.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extremely simple interface
  • Starts and stops automatically according to current processor usage


  • No settings available
  • No feedback is provided to the user regarding the changes performed
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